InVision Proshield™ Visor Insert

£11.99 SRP

Innovations in Optical Coating Technologies Since 1991

InVision® ProShield™ is the original anti-fog visor film insert for motorcycle helmet visors.

Install it inside the helmet visor, and eliminate fogging for good! The anti-fog properties do not wear out and the product will last the life of the face shield with simple care.

Our vision-enhancing devices fit pin-locked or standard visors! And unlike our pinned competitors, our products are built on an “Install and Forget” concept. There is no need to remove the insert to clean it.

Works when you need it most! Blocks 98% of harmful UV light!

To clean your InVision® Visor simply apply a moistened lint free cloth you the surface of the InVision insert (we recommend a mild window cleaner solution) and allow to air dry. However – do NOT use micro fibre cloths as they tend to smear and not actually clean the surface of our products.