InVision Hypershield™ Visor Insert

£16.99 SRP

InVision® Hyper Shield™ incorporates molecular-based anti-fog technology. The anti-misting properties of the Hyper Shield™ insert never wear out or saturate like chemical coatings, sprays and lesser quality pin based anti-fog inserts made of acetate and butyrate substrates. Unlike pin-based inserts, InVision® Hyper Shield™ inserts utilize a permanent foam adhesive gasket that continually prevents moisture or dirt intrusion and can be cleaned while attached to the shield. This product works when you need it most! Blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays!

InVision® Hyper Shield™ Anti-fog Visor Inserts offers the very best in vision enhancement, comfort and safety. The unique technology found in Hyper Shield™ provides for absolute fog free riding, even in the worst driving weather, enhancing vision for a safe enjoyable ride – in any weather or riding condition!

The InVision® gasket system provides for one-time easy installation: simply install it once and forget it! There is never a need to remove the lens as it ensures no water or dust intrusion. Hyper Shield™ attaches to the visor in a safe but non-damaging method.

Built with highest quality 20 mil optical grade polycarbonate lens, Hyper Shield™ anti-fog / light reactive shield insert is our premium vision enhancing lens insert.


To clean your InVision® Visor simply apply a moistened lint free cloth you the surface of the InVision insert (we recommend a mild window cleaner solution) and allow to air dry. However – do NOT use micro fibre cloths as they tend to smear and not actually clean the surface of our products.